Dutch Stamp 2000 is a company, created by merging Dutchstamp, located in Ede and the internationally operating Stamp 2000 from Renkum. Dutchstamp has over the more than 30 years of its existence, supported and supplied a large group of collectors of The Netherlands and overseas territories, and offers additionally an extensive new issue service, covering all foreign countries, including thematics. Dutchstamp is a well known company and has a professional reputation amongst customers in The Netherlands, but also within the Dutch (NVPH) trade.
For many years Stamp 2000 has supplied the international market,  collections and single stamps of the whole world. An excellent working relationship has been built with international providers and sellers of collections. International price developments and local differences allow us to gain an advantage, which we can pass on to our customers.
Merging Dutchstamp and Stamp 2000 resulted in one company Dutchstamp 2000”, which, from the new premises in Ede as home base, can support serious collectors and philatelists, both national and international, in expanding their collection.We do not restrict ourselves to The Netherlands and its overseas territories, but we also cover the rest of Europe and many countries outside Europe We can demonstrate to our (potential) customers the way our stock expands, during a visit to our spacious premises and/or by means of various sales- and auctioncatalogues. Recently we observed, that more customers request our advise on investing in stamps, this because of the developments in the banking sector and the stock market. When you are interested in investing in stamps, we like to draw your attention to the section exclusive items of our catalogue. These items could also be of interest to the serious collector, whose main aim is collecting and not investing. We also refer to the section showing the “better” sets or loose key values, which we can offer unmounted mint, unused or used. Last but not least we also offer complete year collections, starting at 1945. We hope our company can be of value to the professional stamp trade. Furthermore we hope we can be of assistance to collectors and philatelists in starting or expanding an interesting and valuable collection, giving you lots of philatelic pleasure.
Jean Aelmans
Jelle Komrij